Welcome to the Go Tombdoral Development Journey!

Thank you for visiting the Go Tombdoral Development Blog!

Hello, folks. Welcome to the Go Tombdoral Development Blog! This blog will be used to inform the community about the progress that the Go Tombdoral team makes in bringing our vision to life. Go Tombdoral is a text-based adventure game created using the Unity engine.

Let's discuss this splendid endeavor.

The Genesis of a Game

This project started in July 2017 as a learning experience by Anthony, our Lead Programmer. He wanted to learn how to code and develop a video game, so he took to the internet to fulfill these aspirations.

An image from Go Tombdoral alpha.
He found a tutorial for a text-based adventure game posted by Unity and completed the tutorial. This was his first interaction with C#, the programming language utilized by Unity engine. Anthony fell in love with coding and the text-based gaming format, so he began to expand the functionality of the game beyond the few actions that the tutorial allowed.

Anthony then brought in RJ, our Lead Writer, and Albert, our Sound Engineer, along with a few artists: Anton, Hannah, and Ooki, and a plethora of voice actors to work on the project.

A Little Bit About Us

Anthony Nahat is an avid gamer and aspiring game programmer. He is the Lead Programmer of the Go Tombdoral team, and can't seem to stop adding new and exciting functionalities even though he really needs to ship the game.

RJ Compton is a writer (and lover) of everything: Blogs, books, video games, social media, and articles. He loves portraying the role of Dungeon Master in Dungeons and Dragons and working at his job as a Social Media Intern. Although he's a Computer Science student who's nearly finished, he despises coding and loves to write using the English language; sacrilegious, we know.

Albert Lewellen is an MIS student who has a passion for video games and music. Daft Punk is one of his major inspirations for delving into the world of producing sound and playing music. With a background in middle school and high school band, he self-taught how to make sound in Cubase and produce his own music. He is hoping that finishing a project such as Tombdoral will help spark a career path of sound and social accomplishments.

Hannah Babon is a full-time, neurotic worrier that designs achievement art on the side.

A few other folks helping us create this game, whether by lending their voice or dreaming up fantastic art from RJ's descriptions are: Andrew, Anton, Ian, Natalie, and Ooki. We thank all of them immensely for their effort and imagination!

The Game's Current Status

Over the past year, the team has expanded Go Tombdoral to be so much more than a blind first foray into video game development, but something unique and, we hope, something that the gaming community will appreciate.
The game contains eight levels, five playable characters, beautiful artwork, crisp sound design, a multitude of secrets, and lots of love from its developers. The team is currently finishing up the final two levels of Go Tombdoral, conducting a team-wide playthrough, and recording a ton of voice lines for the many characters, creatures, and traps in the game.

The Premiere Demo

We need playtesters! Below you will find a link to download the demo of our game, Go Tombdoral. It contains the first two of eight areas. We encourage anyone and everyone to play the demo and tell us what you think! Good, bad, and ugly, we want all the encouragements and critiques you can muster.

Link to the premiere demo of Go Tombdoral:

A note on the demo: Loading from the main menu is disabled during this demo. Don't worry, though; if you die, you can still load from the death screen!

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you enjoy our project.

Best regards,

The Go Tombdoral Team

To follow along with our journey, check this website for big updates or follow our Twitter profile to learn about the newest features of the game, observe the intimate development process, and learn all about the team rather frequently.


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