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Welcome to the Go Tombdoral Development Journey!

Thank you for visiting the Go Tombdoral Development Blog! Hello, folks. Welcome to the Go Tombdoral Development Blog! This blog will be used to inform the community about the progress that the Go Tombdoral team makes in bringing our vision to life. Go Tombdoral is a text-based adventure game created using the Unity engine.

Let's discuss this splendid endeavor.
The Genesis of a Game This project started in July 2017 as a learning experience by Anthony, our Lead Programmer. He wanted to learn how to code and develop a video game, so he took to the internet to fulfill these aspirations.

He found a tutorial for a text-based adventure game posted by Unity and completed the tutorial. This was his first interaction with C#, the programming language utilized by Unity engine. Anthony fell in love with coding and the text-based gaming format, so he began to expand the functionality of the game beyond the few actions that the tutorial allowed.

Anthony then brought in RJ, our Lead Writer, an…